5.0L V8 Mazda Miata, with rear-mounted turbocharger! 540 hp AT THE WHEELS!!

Large Throttle Body on Ford Edelbrock single plane intake.

Surge Tanks and Fuel Cell setups

Constructing a Water-To-Air Intercooler for a Subaru Legacy

Crankcase breather tank for turbocharged Toyota Supra

Reinforcing the engine block of a Suzuki 1.6

This tank has been sitting for almost 30 years, and cannot be replaced. We cut it apart, cleaned it, welded it back together, and re-sealed it.

Full rebuild on a Dodge Cummins Diesel

Original water pump runs off the blower, which gets expensive when it fails. Now re-engineered to use an electric water pump.

Adapting a NASCAR style T10 dog-box to an RX7

Fabricated adapter to run a Mitsubishi Diesel engine in a Jeep CJ7

Adapting and reinforcing a 240SX differential into a Subaru Legacy RWD-only drift car

Lightweight, wide and short alloy deck on a Nissan 4X4

6" Drop Hitch for your lifted truck. 3" solid billet receiver.

Vintage Empi VW wheels adapted to Acura Integra 4x130mm to 4x100mm

Specialty Fabrication